Before you go to a Car Wash in Baldwin Park

Carwash Baldwin ParkThere are two reasons why getting a car wash in Baldwin Park will be difficult, new water restrictions in our state and the broad range of detailing supplies available. Choosing the right products can be a bit overwhelming. Let us break it down into a step by step process.

The initial step in detailing you car is to give it a good car wash.  All of the dirt, oil and surface contaminants must be removed to get results that you will be happy with. Using a pressure hose with soft water will remove all of these contaminants, also, makes it a lot easier to dry and reduces the chances of leaving hard water spots.

Using a D.I (De-ionizing) tank will remove minerals from even the hardest water and replaces it with pure, clean, soft water. That is why we recommend a D.I Tank setup with your water hose. (just picture running a regular water hose into a D.I tank and using the water that comes out of to accomplish a spot free car wash)

Now that you have a “clean car”, the next step is to use a clay sponge or clay bar to remove all surface contamination that stays on the surface of your paint after a regular car wash. (in the industry it’s called claying) After claying your car, you will be left with a silky smooth, workable clean surface. Even though it might seem like claying will do miracles for your car, it will not remove swirls or scratches.

Following the claying process, you will need a sufficient buffer/polisher. It is always best to use dual action polisher. Dual Action polishers are user-friendly and reduce the risk of burning your clear coat and paint. Polishing returns the most eye-catching effects easily on your paint. The goal is to remove blemishes in the paint; scratches, swirls (also known as spider webs), oxidation and some water spots.

Including a professional glaze is an optional step in the detailing process. When glazing an automobile is done properly it can include additional layers of gloss and depth. Glazes are polishes that leave oils, and other compounds that draw out the luster while concealing some small blemishes in the paint. It is always best to use a polish rather than a glaze if the paint is terribly scratched. NG (next generation) has an excellent kit that contains polish, glaze, sealant, and compound.

The finishing step is to add a professional sealant. The sealant is used to give protection to your car’s paint job from the elements and provide about three to six months protection. A sealant will give you better protection than a carnauba wax.

The good news there are plenty of auto detailing supplies and equipment available for you to use. Go slowly and browse, so you won’t have to go over your budget. There is also a numerous online courses that provide excellent pointers for both practical ways to do an ideal job and where to find auto detailing supplies.

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